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About us

Procedo Law Firm has been operating in the legal services market for over a dozen years. During that time we gained trust of our clients in new technologies industries, the construction industry and services. The firm specializes in providing legal services in civil law, administrative law and economic law. Our firm operates in Poland and coordinates the activities outsourced to the external law firms, including foreign lawyers.

    Our recent successes

Our law firm won many unique cases, among others this relating to the settlement of investment and compensation in business. We advised on the conclusion and performance of hundreds of contracts, including contracts relating to a new technologies and new media. We negotiated hundreds of contracts with foreign partners. We participated as legal advisors in a number of investment projects, including international commercial sale of goods, distribution of goods and international supply of services.

    Community Involvement

Procedo Law Firm takes seriously its commitment to give back to the communities it serves. We support charitable not-for-profit organizations as well as educational projects. 

The Large Family Card is a nationwide governmental programme supporting families with several children. Thanks to the Card, families with at least three children can benefit from discounts and rebates in such places as cultural institutions, sports facilities and shops. Procedo Law Firm takes part in the Large Family Card programme and proposes lower fees for large families.

Procedo Law Firm teamed up with adoption agencies dedicated to pet adoption services consisting of arranging homes for dogs and cats from animal shelters.




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