Practice areas

Optimization | due-diligence

We optimize business activities of our clients. We advise on outsourcing of the business operations and reorganisation of companies. We negotiate contract terms and other legal relationships of our clients in order to exclude or at least reduce the risks associated with contract terms or other legal relationship.

We provide legal services of due diligence analysis aimed at purchasers or vendors, whereas the object of study could be real estate, shares, enterprise or its selected assets. The method of performance of due diligence analysis in transactions depends on the target which due diligence is aimed at.

Due diligence analysis is aimed at determination and limitation of the vendor’s liability as well as identification of the factual and legal circumstances, which could negatively infect the transaction or the valuation of the subject of the sale agreement. The result of due diligence can reduce the risk of defective pricing as a result of disclosure factual or legal circumstances, which can be removed before starting the negotiation. Purchaser may take advantage of information gained as a consequence of due diligence during the price negotiation or get warning against entering into the sale agreement. The costs of due diligence analysis generally do not exceed the fraction of the percent of transaction value.