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Special economic zone - new regulations. In June this year new regulations that are important for investors operating in Poland are entering into force. According to the Act on supporting new investment Poland became a single huge special economic zone (SEZ). The ultimate goal is to implement general business support measures which so far have been dedicated only to a limited scope of investors. The most significant advantage of SEZ is that investors put their projects in the areas where the government creates tax preferences in a form of exemptions from income tax. Investors gains a possibility to obtain tax credits for the investment in a location of his choice within the whole territory of Poland. Investors will no longer be limited to the specific area on which the SEZ existed so far. The investors will easier obtain additional funds in the areas where they really invest. The existing permission to conduct business activity in SEZ will be replaced with the decision to grant support. It will be issued by the company managing SEZ as authorized by the Ministry of Development after prior assessment of the investment project. It may lead to the reduction of lengthy procedures for obtaining decision to grant public support in SEZ. Investors are waiting now for executive regulations to the Act on supporting new investment. The executive regulations to the Act will specify qualitative and quantitative criteria of exemptions from income tax.