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"100 changes for entrepreneurs - Package of facilitation for entrepreneurs" - Simple joint-stock company. A simple joint-stock company ("P.S.A.") is a simplified version of a joint-stock company, appeared in the Polish legal system since July 1, 2021. The company is the means of investing in innovative activities, including startup development.

The structure of a simple joint-stock company assumes no share capital and the introduction of share capital, the minimum amount of which is PLN 1. A simple joint-stock company will therefore also issue shares without a nominal value, and the founders will be able to contribute to it in the form of know-how, performance of work and services, without the need to prepare any of its valuations. A simple joint stock company may be formed by one or more persons (excluding a one-person limited liability company) for any legally permissible purpose. Its registration will be significantly simplified compared to the classic version of a joint-stock company. According to the new negulations it will be possible to conclude a articles of association in an electronic form in the ICT system (S24). In terms of the structure of the company's bodies of P.S.A. it is possible to introduce a management board or board of directors in the company. The board of directors manages the day-to-day affairs of the company and - at the same time - supervises its activities. If there are more board members, they can be divided into executive and non-executive directors. The former will be responsible for running the company's day-to-day affairs (equivalent to management board members). The latter will supervise the company's operations.

Property structure of P.S.A. is based on a share model without par value and share capital. For the coverage of non-par value shares, cash and any non-cash contributions with an asset value, in particular the provision of work or services, may be made. To the essence of P.S.A. it belongs to its non-public nature. As a consequence, shares issued by a simple joint-stock company cannot be admitted or introduced to organized trading. The act of transferring or encumbering shares may take place in a documentary form and therefore also by e-mail. Purchase of shares in P.S.A. or the establishment of a limited right in rem on it takes place upon entry in the register of shareholders. The regulations concerning a simple joint-stock company are also intended to simplify the procedure of dissolution and liquidation of the company. Among other things, in the context of liquidation, the number of notices for liquidation of the company will be reduced from two to one, and the period for submitting claims by creditors will be reduced from six to three months.