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The Law Firm has many years of experience in providing legal services to business and representation of individuals. We are recommended lawyers operating not only in Gdansk, Poland but everywhere where an effective legal advisor or attorney is needed. We solve legal complexities efficiently, including those in EU regulations. We developed strategies for managing our time effectively in order to make the amount of our honorarium reasonable. We can become the source of your advantage in business and every case entrusted to us. Are you looking for legal advice or representation before court or authorities, do you want to prepare a contract? Write to us and we will prepare offer tailored for you.

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ACTA2 was adopted. The European Parliament adopted the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. Article 13 of the Directive introduces the obligation for platforms to filter content relating to the copyright. Platforms will have to sign a license agreements with copyright owners on content protected by copyright. Without such a license, the platform will have to delete the content indicated by the rights owner. If the platform does not fulfill its obligations, it will be responsible for illegal content placed by the users. The regulations will not apply to Internet users' work such as memes, gifs, etc. Article 11 of the Directive requires platforms (e.g. Facebook) to pay those who hold the copyright for content published by users or delete such materials. Press publishers will be able to negotiate license agreement with platforms and aggregators of content. The Directive does not apply to private and non-commercial use of press texts by individual users, nor does it apply to hyperlinks or a short excerpt from the article. After the adoption, the Directive will be published in the dailies of the laws of the EU Member States, and then within two years should be implemented by the EU Member States.